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DC Load

DC loads are instruments which receive a direct current (DC) from a source. Commonly used for test and measurement purposes, DC electrical loads can be programmed to determine the current, voltage and frequency present in circuits and electrical systems. DC load devices are invaluable tools for simulating load devices which will be present in DC systems in order to predict how they will react to fluctuations in current.

DC loads fulfill the electrical testing needs of technicians in many fields, such as the alternative energy, aerospace and automotive industries. Applications for DC load testing include analyzing the current of converters, fuel cells, battery chargers, batteries, variety of telecommunications equipment such as telecom converters, and many more. Mimicking load devices present in these systems delivers essential data to technicians on whether an electrical system is efficient and effective. DC loads fulfill requirements relevant to standards like NERC PRC-005-2 and IEC 61000 and are often utilized by the military or government agencies.

ATEC carries DC loads which are capable of receiving and analyzing currents with high or low voltage and wattage and feature quick total discharge time and amp draw rates. Choose from resistive or electronic loads based on your testing needs and the variability of your current, with discharge tester load devices available as well for battery discharge. We offer products from leading manufacturers like Keysight, Chroma, Kikusui, NH Research, Adaptive Power Systems, and more. Find the right DC electronic load for your needs below.

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