DC Power Supply - Programmable, Loads

DC Power Supply

Rent a DC power supply for burn-in, alternative energy, or semiconductor testing. Our vast inventory of dc power supplies support your testing needs, from precision low power (sub 5 watts), multiple outputs, and high power, up to 250 kW and more. Rent a DC power supply today!

Rent High Voltage, High Current DC Power Supplies
Top of the line DC supplies in stock with maximum output power for the most demanding test needs.
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High Voltage, Low Current DC Power Supplies
DC Supplies for solar (photovoltaic) cells, batteries, wind turbines and other power generating alternative energy technologies
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Low Voltage, High Current DC Power Supplies
High Current DC Power supplies (up to 6,000 Amps) are available for your burn in testing.
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Low Voltage, Low Current
Several DC power supplies are available to meet your specifications. Use TWO 5 kW units in parallel to produce 10 kW of power.
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