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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

These modern day oscilloscopes use analog to digital converters (ADC) to store all data digitally in a binary format. With this stored data it can be analyzed and kept for future use. DSO’s are similar to traditional analog oscilloscopes except with the addition of digital signal processing and data acquisition. A key specification to consider is the sampling rate which will directly affect the accuracy of measurements taken. The trigger will set the start and end point for the sample which is good for applications involving single shot waveforms without repetition.

Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes (DPO’s) are similar to digital storage scopes in that they both use signal processing to capture waveform information. The main difference between a DPO and a DSO is the ability show the intensity of a waveform, which reflects how often the measured signal is appearing. This is done using parallel-processing architecture rather than serial-processing architecture that a standard DSO uses. The parallel-processing of the digital phosphor scope simulates the display of the traditional analog scope with chemical phosphor.

Another great use for these types of oscilloscopes are for capturing transient waveforms. This triggering feature is great to verify waveforms produced by transient generators when performing conducted immunity testing.

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