Directional Couplers

A directional coupler is an accessory with which engineers can combine signals, isolate them, or even eliminate them. Directional couplers diverge the input signal of a microwave or radio frequency-generating device from its distributed power, splitting the input power between both the coupled and output ports to achieve a desired coupling ratio. Each circuit in a directional coupler is composed of four ports: coupled, input, transmitted and isolated. When choosing a coupler for testing purposes, engineers seek out those with high directivity, stalwart impedance and a wide operational bandwidth.
Amplifier Research Amplifier Research DC3010A Dual Directional Coupler 10 kHz - 1 GHz

The Amplifier Research DC3010A is a high power, ultra-broadband dual directional coupler with...

Amplifier Research Amplifier Research DC6280AM1 Dual Directional Coupler

The Amplified Research Model DC6280AM1 dual directional coupler is part of the DC6280A series...

Amplifier Research Amplifier Research DC7275AM1 Dual Directional Coupler 2.5–7.5 GHz

The Model DC7275A is a high power dual directional coupler with excellent frequency range and...

Keysight Keysight 11691D Coaxial Directional Coupler 2 GHz - 18 GHz

The 11691D Coaxial Directional Coupler 2 GHz - 18 GHz is high directivity coupler precision...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 11692D

The 11692D high directivity coupler is a precision instrument designed for broadband swept...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 778D Dual Directional Coupler, 100MHz - 2GHz

This economic coupler covers frequency spreads of more than 2:1, each centered on one of the VHF...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 779D Dual Directional Coupler, 1.7GHz - 12.4GHz

1.7 - 12.4 GHz, Directional Coupler

  • Keysight
Narda Narda 3022 Dual Coaxial Reflectometer Coupler, 1.0 GHz - 4.0 GHz

1.0 GHz to 4.0 GHz, Dual Coaxial Reflectometer Coupler

Teseq Teseq DCP 0100A Dual Directional Coupler

The Teseq DCP 0100A Dual Directional Coupler is a coupler designed to augment immunity test...

  • Teseq
Werlatone Werlatone C5070-741 Dual Directional Coupler, 800 MHz - 2800 MHz

800 - 2800 MHz 1500 W 50 dB Dual Directional Coupler