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Digital low resistance micro-ohmmeters, known as DLRO, measure the contact resistance of a variety of facility electrical systems, like switch and circuit breakers, aircraft frame bonds, rail and pipeline bonds, and more. Measuring low resistance of these electrical systems is crucial to identifying which resistance elements have accelerated to speeds that are beyond the accepted values. If certain elements of an electrical device or piece of equipment move too quickly, the flow of the device is interrupted, which will alter the amount of current being drawn and cause a circuit to short. Low resistance measurements are necessary to prevent long-term damage and energy waste.

Testing for low resistance is possible with DLRO and contact resistance ohmmeters. A test device will reveal if there is a low resistance measurement present, which typically falls below 1.000 ohm. Using accurate, reliable test equipment is essential when testing at such low resistance. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries DLRO and contact resistance ohmmeters from reputable, trustworthy brands like AEMC, Biddle, Megger and more. Rent a DLRO/contact resistance ohmmeter today, and receive next-day shipping for tomorrow.

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