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EMC analysis requires high performance instrumentation in order to acquire data one is not expecting to see. EMI receivers are used for scenarios where transient signals or spurious emissions may appear and must be acquired with fast acquisition rates. Multiple organizations have set standards for testing these emissions, including CISPR, IEC/EN, FCC and MIL-STD, whom recommend using a EMI test receiver for fully compliant testing.

For making these measurements successfully, choose an EMI receiver instead of a spectrum analyzer. Many considerations should be made including the following: Resolution bandwidth (RBW) requirements for taking a sufficient amount of measurement points within a frequency span. Requirements for Quasi peak (QP) detectors or CISPR Average detectors called out by test standards. Other important requirements include filters, low noise floor and software allowing to display pass or fail conditions according to certain test standards. Consider the use of solely a spectrum analyzer when testing before full compliance is required.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals provides the highest performance and best selection of EMI test receivers and EMC analyzers ranging for 2Hz to 44GHz. All units are stocked with ISO 17025 calibration to provide the most accurate measurements for CISPR, IEC/EN, FCC and MIL-STD tests. For lower cost, less effective solutions see Spectrum Analyzers

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