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Force Testers (Tension, Compression, Pull Testers)

Tension, compression, and pull force testers are instruments used to measure force during a push or pull test. Frequently seen in research and development, laboratory, production, field environment, and quality applications, force testers serve a wide range of testing purposes. Common testing materials are biomaterials, medical devices, microelectronics, polymers, films, floods and fluids, and more.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers force testers that serve a wide range of needs, testing compression/tensile strengths, yield and breaking strengths of a variety of materials – some of which with a capacity of 1100 lbs. Simple and intuitive, the force testers provided by ATEC were designed to afford users streamlined testing for efficient, accurate, and repeatable measurements.

Whether you need a tension, compression, or pull tester for objects small or large, ATEC has the right tool to suit your needs in stock. ATEC features force testers from brands like Chatillon, Bose, Com-Ten and more.

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