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Ground Resistance | Earth Testers

Ground Resistance and Earth Testers are critical tools for protecting electrical facilities from the dangerous effects of a lightning strike or utility overvoltage. Grounded electrical systems prevent electrical failure or possible danger by ensuring that in the event of a surge of electricity, whether it be from a natural phenomenon like lightning or otherwise, the current will find a safe path to earth. Maintaining an effective earth system is also essential in managing a telecommunications system. To ensure this connection remains reliable, the International Electrical Testing Association requires ground electrode testing every three years. Ground Resistance and Earth Testing equipment is used by electrical contractors, power utilities, REAs, telephone and CATV technicians, and inspectors who need to determine whether grounding complies with NEC, OSHA and other standards. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries Ground Resistance and Earth Testers by leading manufacturers like Fluke, AEMC, Vitrek, and more.

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