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Light & Color Meters

Whatever your luminance and color testing needs, from cinematography to trying to reduce the amount of light pollution, we have the light and color meters to suit your requirements. Ideal for on-the-spot quality control, Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers compact, handheld instruments for measuring the color and light of various settings.

Our assortment of light and color meters assist in the general field of lighting, allowing you to test the amount of waste light used in a home, light pollution in outdoor settings, and the optimum light levels to ensure plant growth. Check for illuminance, chromaticity, and associated color temperature of a variety of light sources, included organic EL lighting, LEDs and more. If you work on a cinematic or photographic set, we offer equipment to evaluate the illuminance of lighting fixtures quickly, enabling you to make on-the-spot adjustments that save time and money.

Whether you are conducting building and interior lighting research, working TV displays, or looking to determine optimum light and color output for cinema or photography, ATEC offers the right equipment rentals for you.

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