Motor testing is performed on motors to diagnose what is causing them to run hot, fail to start, continuously trip their overcurrent device or function deficiently in some manner. Motor testers measure motors by assessing parameters like the three-phase power quality, speed, torque, and efficiency of the motor in order to determine faults. These devices are also known as motor analyzers, HiPot testers and winding testers, Renting a motor testing device can be perfect for filling the gaps in productivity that accompany repairs and calibration, and save thousands compared to purchasing at list price.

A portable motor analyzer delivers comprehensive, detailed test results and data commonly used by maintenance professionals in motor service/repair shops, industrial motor maintenance and OEM motor manufacturers. This arms companies to assess the condition of specific motors and improve their reliability. With a motor tester on hand, technicians are equipped to conduct all major electric motor tests, including winding resistance testing, polarization index testing, the IEEE-95 standard for DC hipot testing, surge requirements per IEEE-552 and insulation resistance requirements as outlined by IEEE-118.

ATEC provides a wide selection of static and dynamic motor analyzers ranging from 4kV to 30kV. We carry models from leading manufacturers like SKF (formerly Baker Instruments) and Electrom Instruments to meet all of your motor testing needs. Find the motor tester you need below.
Baker Instruments Baker AWA IV Static Motor Analyzers

The Baker AWA-IV integrates a wide range electrical tests on motors that meet the highest...

Baker Instruments Baker AWA-IV/4 Surge & DC HiPot Tester

This specific model of the Baker AWA-IV series is ideal for testing motors in the 480 - 1500V...