NDT Inspection

NDT Inspection
Non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection allows you to evaluate the properties of materials, components, or entire infrastructure systems without having to interfere with processes or cause damage. NDT equipment is a necessity across most manufacturer and service oriented industries, including alternative energy, aerospace and defense, communications, transportation, building structure and more. Non-destructive testing does not permanently alter the tested structure or substance, making it highly valuable for troubleshooting, product evaluation, and research purposes. Common methods of non-destructive testing inspection are ultrasonic, radiographic, and magnetic-particle, as well as others. These tests can be applied to weld verification, assessing structural mechanics, and even radiography in medicine.

ATEC offers affordable NDT equipment rental rates for vibration analyzers, borescopes, ultrasonic flaw detectors, GPRs, CMMs and more.

  • Machinery Maintenance

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  • Materials Testing

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  • Visual Inspection

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