NDT / Inspection

NDT | Inspection

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection allows you to evaluate the properties of materials, components, or entire infrastructure systems without having to interfere with processes or cause damage. NDT equipment is a necessity across most manufacturer and service oriented industries, including alternative energy, aerospace and defense, communications, transportation, building structure and more. Non-destructive testing does not permanently alter the tested structure or substance, making it highly valuable for troubleshooting, product evaluation, and research purposes. Common methods of non-destructive testing inspection are ultrasonic, radiographic, and magnetic-particle, as well as others. These tests can be applied to weld verification, assessing structural mechanics, and even radiography in medicine.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a wide assortment of NDT inspection equipment. Whether you require borescopes, flaw detectors, PIND testers or XRF analyzers, ATEC stocks the right test equipment to complete your project.

Rent Borescopes & Videoscopes | Video, Industrial, Stereo, Fiber Optic Light
Used for visual inspection of machinery, structures, or specimens where the area under examination is otherwise inaccessible.
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Flaw Detectors
Flaw detection is perhaps the oldest and most common application of industrial ultrasonic testing. Flaw detectors emit high frequency sound waves...
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Thermal Cameras
Identify hot points, leakage and other thermal issues with real time video feed as well as capture for post analysis.
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XRF Analyzers
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers XRF analyzers for non-destructive testing of a material’s elemental composition. These tools assess...
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Rent Inspection Equipment
Visually inspect your components, systems and infrastructure with a diverse range of cameras, scopes and other inspection test equipment
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PIND Testers | Micron Airborne | Portable Airborne
A PIND (or Particle Impact Noise Detection) tester is a non-destructive method of detecting loose particles within an electronics device cavity. If...
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Shaft Alignment Tools
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a variety of shaft alignment tools to help you increase machine reliability with easy-to-use, accurate...
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Micrometers | Comparators
Micrometers and comparators are capable of providing fast, accurate data of manufactured and hard-to-measure parts. These powerful tools can...
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