Data Network: Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA)

Anritsu Anritsu MS9710A Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The Anritsu MS9710A Optical Spectrum Analyzer is a diffraction grating spectrum analyzer. This rugged, compact unit is ideal for field as well as laboratory applications.

Keysight Keysight 86142A Lightwave Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The benchtop Keysight 86142A analyzer is a top of the range high performance unit ideally suited for critical WDM and EDFA applications where wavelength accuracy, dynamic range and low polarization dependency are essential. In...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 86146B Optical Spectrum Analyzer, 600 nm - 1700 nm

The Keysight 86146B is a grating-based optical spectrum analyzer. The OSA uses a patented double-pass monochromator design to simultaneously achieve high sensitivity and dynamic range with a fast sweep time. This is key for...

  • Keysight
Viavi Solutions Viavi ONT-506-OC192 SONET/SDH Optical Network Tester

The ONT-506-OC192 SONET/SDH Optical Network Tester will allow operators to further enhance transport capacity in the optical network, extend distances between systems, and improve its flexibility and responsiveness in setting...

Yokogawa Yokogawa AQ6370D Telecom Optical Spectrum Analyzer 600 - 1700 nm

The AQ6370D is the latest iteration of the most popular Telecom class OSA from Yokogawa. It offers a versatile wavelength range of 600 nm to 1700 nm ideally suited for both Telecommunications and general purpose applications...

  • Yokogawa