Radio Frequency (RF) 10 kHz - 8 GHz | Solid State


Radio Frequency (RF) Amplifiers 10 kHz - 8 GHz

Rent Solid State Broadband Radio Frequency (RF) Amplifiers covering several different frequency bands at levels up to 2,500 Watts.

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Rent IFI SMC Series Solid State Amplifiers
IFI SMC Solid State Amplifiers offer outstanding RF performance, their solid state design both decreasing EMI signal leakage and...
Rent IFI SMCC Series Solid State Amplifiers 200 MHz – 1000 MHz
The IFI SMCC Solid State Amplifier provides exceptional RF performance, ranging in power from 10 to 3000 watts / min. in the 200 MHz to...
Rent 10 kHz - 220 MHz Solid State RF Amplifiers up to 2.5kW
Rent broadband RF Amplifiers up to 2,500 Watts covering the frequency range of 10 kHz through 220 MHz.
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Rent RF Amplifiers 1 MHz - 1 GHz up to 1,000 Watts
Rent Broadband RF Amplifiers capable of 1,000 watts between the frequency ranges of 1 MHz and 1 GHz.
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Rent 800 MHz - 4.2 GHz Solid State RF Amplifiers up to 500 Watts
Broadband Amplifiers for EMC testing as well as narrowband units for your communications testing. Rent Solid State RF Amplifiers covering 800 MHz...
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Rent 1 GHz - 8 GHz RF Amplifiers up to 500 Watts
Rent broadband RF Amplifiers covering 1 GHz through 8 GHz and up to 500 Watts. Solid-state and TWT technology available depending on frequency and...
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