Rent Sampling Oscilloscopes

Sampling Oscilloscopes

Sampling scopes, also known as digital communications analyzers (DCA’s) or digital serial analyzers (DSA’s), are used to analyze repeatable signals at high frequencies. Most sampling oscilloscopes are similar to real-time oscilloscopes or DSO’s in that all inputs are captured then converted to a digital format before being analyzed. The design of the sampling oscilloscope allows for it to be rated to large bandwidths by essentially displaying multiple samples of a high frequency signal on an overlay of itself. These scopes are therefore application specific to a setting where a repetitive signal exists such as in communications signal analysis.

There are key specifications to a sampling oscilloscope that provide an advantage over other oscilloscopes. Besides typical larger bandwidths, a lower signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is available and provides useful for small signal analysis. Another advantage is lower jitter and higher dynamic range which results in a more accurate measurement, especially at high frequencies.