Data Acquisition: Signal Conditioners

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers signal conditioners for efficient signal conversion. Beginning with 2 channels and offering up to 32, ATEC’s inventory of signal conditioners will allow you to effortlessly transition from one signal format to another. Available signal conditioners suit general purposes, containing amplifiers to use alongside charge accelerometers, force transducers and hydrophones. Others are able to support specific needs, like gas turbine testing, munitions testing, or to use with Isotron accelerometers. However you plan to use it, a signal conditioner will seamlessly translate an analog signal so that it matches the next stage for further analysis and processing.
Meggitt Sensing Endevco 133 3 Channel PE/Isotron Signal Conditioner

The Endevco® model 133 is a three-channel, Piezoelectric and Isotron signal conditioner that...