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Sound Level Meters

Sound level meters are capable of measuring the acoustic noises of a space. They are often compact and handheld, containing a microphone that responds to both the acoustics as well as the pressure caused by sound waves. This type of equipment is frequently seen in noise pollution studies, given its capacity to quantify the different noises found in industrial, environmental, and aircraft scenarios. Sound level meters serve a wide assortment of applications, including reverberation time measurements, product quality control, tone assessment and occupational noise evaluation. Vibration monitoring and analysis can also be done at the same time with two channel units.

Sound level meters carried by Advanced Test Equipment Rentals come stocked with features like integrated digital cables for recording, pc software, rechargeable batteries, times for automatic start of measurement, and more. Complete your sound and acoustic testing needs with sound level meters with brands like Bruel & Kjaer or Agilent, all available to rent from ATEC.

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