Temperature Chambers

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Cincinnati Sub-Zero CSZ MCBH-1.2-33-33 H/AC Micro Climate Stability Chamber

Micro Climate Stability Chamber

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Cincinnati Sub-Zero StableClimate II Stability Chambers

Whether you're testing is for R&D, clinical trials or ongoing stability, our stability chambers provide a stable, temperature/humidity conditioned environment for worry-free operation with a control system that is easy...

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZH-2-033-033-H/AC, Environmental Temperature Humidity Chamber

Environmental Temperature Humidity Chamber, 120V, 17A, 200W at -40C

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZH-32-2-2-H/AC Temperature Chamber

The Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZH 32-2-2-H/AC Temperature Chamber is a temperature and humidity testing chamber capable of cooling down to 73ºC (-100ºF) and heating up to 190ºC (375ºF) with its cascade system. CSZ...

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-Plus Temperature & Humidity Chamber Series

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-Plus Temperature & Humidity Chambers create specified temperatures and humidity conditions in order to test the qualities of and serve as storage for products. For applications like basic temperature...

Delta Design Delta Design 5900CD Temperature Chamber

-100°F(-73°C) to 600°F

  • Delta Design
Delta Design Delta Design 8000CLD Temperature Shock Chamber

Timing and Transfer Mechanisms: Timing - Each chamber has an adjustable timer - up to 60 hours - The test specimen remains in that chamber until the end of the set period. Then the transfer mechanism...

  • Delta Design
Delta Design Delta Designs 7650CL Temperature Chamber

Ramping Controller also available: 9385/9386 Temperature Programmer The temperature program parameters controlled are rate of temperature change, soak time, setpoint temperature, and deviation limits. Model 9385...

  • Delta Design
Envirotronics Envirotronics ST8 Temperature Test Chamber, -77°C to 177°C

The Envirotronics ST8 Temperature Test Chamber provides a broad temperature range for your testing needs.

Espec Espec BTZ-133 Temperature Chamber

The ESPEC BTZ-133 is part of the ESPEC Criterion benchtop temperature chamber series which provides a economical and space-saving solution for a variety of temperature testing requirements. The chamber's 1.5 cu. ft. interior...

Espec Espec EGNX12 Global-N Temperature Cycling Chamber -70°C to 180°C

The Espec EGNX12 Global-N Temperature Cycling Chamber has temperature change rates from -70°C to 180°C per minute. In addition, controlled humidity from 10 to 95% is an available feature. This chamber is compact...

Espec ESPEC PR-2GM Low Temperature Chamber - Platinous Unicool

Temperature & Humidity Chamber, -20°C to +100°C

Espec ESPEC PU-4FP Large Temperature Chamber, -40°C to 100°C

Temperature Chamber, -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C), Internal Dimensions - 39”W x 39”H x 31”D

Espec Espec SU-241 Temperature Chamber

The Espec SU-241 Temperature Chamber is part of the Espec Bench-top Type Temperature Chamber Series. The SU-241 achieves superb performance in a compact size, and attains temperatures as low as 40℃, with capacity of 22.5L. The...

Espec Espec SU-641 Temperature and Humidity Benchtop

The Espec SU-641 Temperature and Humidity Benchtop Chamber features environmental testing performance in a compact design. This model offers temperature ranges as low as -40 and achieve excellent performance rates, as well as...

Forma Scientific Forma Scientific 6742 Vacuum Oven

Amb-260°C, Vacuum to 0.001 Torr 24"W x 24"H x 24"D Chamber

  • Forma Scientific
Sigma Sigma Systems M600MM -100°C to +200°C, Cryogenic Cooler

Model M600MM Cryogenic Cooler is supplied with a castered stand and is Cascade refrigerated.

Sun Systems Sun Systems EC02 Environmental Chamber, -100°C to +300°C

-100°C to +300°C, 20" x 12" x 16" LN2 Chamber with RS-232 and GPIB

Tenney Tenney BTC-100-350 Temperature Test Chamber, -73°C to +200°C

The Tenney Benchmaster BTC test chamber provides a workspace of five cubic feet, readily accommodating equipment as large as a 19" relay rack. This chamber is ideally suited for electronic, military, and pharmaceutical...

Tenney Tenney T27-3 -18-93C Temperature Chamber, 38"x26"x48"

The Tenney T27-3 Temperature chamber is 27 cubic feet with internal dimensions of 38" Wide by 26" Deep by 48" High, the temperature range covers from -18 to 93 degrees celsius.   Benefits: Provides a...

Tenney Tenney T30C Temperature Chamber -73°C to +200°C

The Tenney T30C Temperature Chamber -73°C to +200°C of temperature and humidity test chambers series deploys environmentally friendly technology that uses CFC-free refrigerants. The time-proven mechanical refrigeration...

Tenney Tenney T5 Temperature Test Chamber

-34°C to +177°C Temperature Test Chamber

Tenney Tenney T-Shock Junior Thermal Shock Chamber

The Tenney T-Shock Junior is a bench-top thermal shock chamber with a 1/4 cubic foot carriage capacity. It's designed to accommodate pilot runs and smaller production quantities of sophisticated, discrete components. The T...

Tenney Tenney TUJR -75 - 200°C, 15x 11x 11Temperature Chamber

The Tenney TUJR Temperature Test Chamber is part of Tenney's compact junior line of chambers which is capable of simulating a wide range of temperature conditions. The chamber is well-suited for use in electronic, military,...

TestEquity Test Equity 1020C Temperature Chamber

Temperature Chamber

  • TestEquity
TestEquity Test Equity 105A Half Cube Temperature Chamber

The Test Equity 105A Half Cube Temperature Chamber is small enough to fit on your bench with plenty of room to spare. It’s 40% smaller and uses 33% less power than the typical “benchtop” chamber. Put it on a...

  • TestEquity
TestEquity TestEquity 1027S Temperature Chamber

TestEquity 1027S refrigeration systems are capable of achieving workspace temperatures down to -35°C. This is fine for many commercial and industrial tests that require low temperatures of typically 0°C, -10°C or...

  • TestEquity
Thermotron Thermotron S1.2 Temperature Chamber, -100 °F to 350 °F

Temperature Chamber   Chamber Options: 1. Access Ports w/Plugs (additional or substituted for standard) 2. Boost System (C02) 3. Boost System (LN2) 4. Electrical Door Interlock 5. Refrigeration Gauges 6. Shelves...

Thermotron Thermotron S1.2C Temperature Test Chamber, -73°C to +177°C

The Thermotron S1.2C Temperature Test Chamber can be used for a wide variety of prototype and durability tests, and production component screening. High and low temperature, humidity, and temperature/humidity tests can all be...

Thermotron Thermotron S-16 Temperature Test Chamber

Temperature Test Chamber

Thermotron Thermotron SE-1000-3-3 Environmental Test Chamber, 34.8 cu. ft.

The Thermotron SE-1000-3-3 Environmental Test Chamber incorporates two compressors of 3.5 Hp and is capable of providing very rapid product temperature change rates. Faster product temperature transitions reduce test cycle...

Thermotron Thermotron SM-16S Environmental Test Chamber

The SM-16S has been designed to meet quality standards while still offering flexibility, uniformity, and control accuracy for cost-effective testing. This Test Chamber is able to perform both high and low temperature tests...

Thermotron Thermotron SM-8S Temperature Test Chamber

The Thermotron SM model chambers are designed to test temperature and/or humidity tolerances. The SM-8S has a single stage refrigeration system for cooling. The Thermotron SM-8S has eight cubic feet of work space. The chamber...

Tenney TPS Tenney Junior Compact Temperature Test Chamber

The TPS Tenney Junior Compact Temperature Test Chamber is a benchtop environmental testing chamber that heats and cools over a temperature range of -68°C to +180°C. On an empty chamber, the interior heats ambient to 200...