Temperature Chambers

Environmental temperature chambers are able to stimulate vast temperature ranges and rapidly progress between hot and cold – effectively testing a product’s ability to withstand temperature extremes and cycling. Well-suited for use in electrical, military, aerospace, and pharmaceutical reliability testing and quality assurance, a temperature chamber is an essential step in verifying the safety and durability of a product. Temperature chambers range in size; the smallest support the testing of personal electronics, while larger chambers are expansive enough to study heavy duty equipment under duress. Temperature chambers carried by Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offer a variety of features, like integrated software and USB ports, adjustable/removable shelving, automatic cooling or heating boost systems, continual diagnostics, and more. 
AEMC AEMC 3620 Ground Resistance Tester

The AEMC Analog Ground Resistance Tester 3620 performs ground resistance measurements from 0.5...

Barnstead/Thermolyne Barnstead/Thermolyne FB1315M Small Benchtop Muffle Furnace

76 cubic", 1100°C, Small Benchtop Muffle Furnace   Safety: Door safety...

Blue M Blue M 2010C-3 High Temp Oven <1093C - 2000F 208V 20A Input

The Blue M 2010C-3 High Temp Oven <1093C - 2000F 208V 20A Input comes with: Standard Blue M...

Blue M Blue M 7780 Ultra-Temp® Standard Temperature Convection Oven, 5.8 cu. ft.

The Blue M 7780 Ultra-Temp® Standard High-Temperature Industrial Oven is ideal for annealing,...

Blue M Blue M BF51894C-1 Box Furnace 18.4L

The Lindberg/Blue M BF51800 Series is a family of ultra lightweight, economical, laboratory box...

Blue M Blue-M 8630C Stabil-Glow Furnace

Stabil-Glow Furnace

Blue M Blue-M CW6680F Ultra-Temp Oven

Ultra-Temp Oven

Cascade TEK Cascade TEK TFO-5 Forced Air Lab Oven

Forced Air Lab Oven

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Cincinnati Sub-Zero CSZ MCBH-1.2-33-33 H/AC Micro Climate Stability Chamber

Micro Climate Stability Chamber

Delta Designs Delta Design 5900CD Temperature Chamber

-100°F(-73°C) to 600°F

  • Delta Design
Delta Designs Delta Design 8000CLD Temperature Shock Chamber

Timing and Transfer Mechanisms: Timing - Each chamber has an adjustable timer - up...

  • Delta Design
Delta Designs Delta Designs 7650CL Temperature Chamber

Ramping Controller also available: 9385/9386 Temperature Programmer The temperature program...

  • Delta Design
Despatch Despatch LAC Series High Performance Benchtop Ovens

4X - 100X Trinocular Head Microscope

Despatch Despatch LFC Class A Bench-top Oven

The LFC Class A bench-top oven is specially designed to meet NFPA 86 requirements for...

Despatch Despatch PBC2-32 Burn In Oven

Despatch burn-in ovens are engineered specifically for applications such as high dissipation...

Envirotronics Envirotronics ST8 Temperature Test Chamber, -77°C to 177°C

The Envirotronics ST8 Temperature Test Chamber provides a broad temperature range for your...

Espec Espec BTZ-133 Temperature Chamber

The ESPEC BTZ-133 is part of the ESPEC Criterion benchtop temperature chamber series which...

Espec ESPEC ECT-2 Temperature Chamber

Temperature Chamber, -68° to 180°C

Espec Espec EGNX12 Global-N Temperature Cycling Chamber -70°C to 180°C

The Espec EGNX12 Global-N Temperature Cycling Chamber has temperature change rates from -70°C...

Espec Espec HC-120 Fast Cycle Chamber

-60 to 150°C Fast Cycle Chamber

Espec Espec PH-101 Horizontal Oven, 45°C - 200°C

Horizontal Oven, 45°C to 200°C

Espec ESPEC PR-2GM Low Temperature Chamber - Platinous Unicool

Temperature & Humidity Chamber, -20°C to +100°C

Espec ESPEC PU-4FP Large Temperature Chamber, -40°C to 100°C

Temperature Chamber, -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C), Internal Dimensions - 39...

Espec Espec SU-240 Bench-Top Temperature Chamber

Bench-Top Temperature Chamber, -104°F to 266°F

Espec Espec TPC-212 HAST Balanced Pressure Temp. Humidity Chamber

Humidity resistance evaluation tests for electronic components—customers require test...

Espec Espec TPC-422M HAST Pressure Temperature Humidity Chamber

HAST Balanced Pressure Temperature Humidity Chamber

Espec Espec TSE-11-A Thermal Shock Chamber, -65°C to 200°C

The Espec TSE-11-A is a high performance thermal shock chamber ideal for the requirements of test...

Forma Scientific Forma Scientific 6742 Vacuum Oven

Amb-260°C, Vacuum to 0.001 Torr 24"W x 24"H x 24"D Chamber

Gallenkamp Gallenkamp 300 Plus Electric Oven

Gallenkamp 300 Plus Series General Purpose Benchtop Ovens are ideally suited for routine...

Blue M Lindberg / Blue-M VO1218SA Vacuum Oven

The Lindberg/Blue M vacuum ovens are designed for drying, curing, outgassing, aging, process...

Metro Metro C85-DVN Drying / Curing Oven

The C85-DVN cabinet is designed for drying, curing and transporting electronic materials. Large...

Qualmark Qualmark HawQ Portable Rapid Testing System

Thousands of companies embrace combined environment accelerated testing that includes vibration...

Sigma Sigma Systems M600MM -100°C to +200°C, Cryogenic Cooler

Model M600MM Cryogenic Cooler is supplied with a castered stand and is Cascade refrigerated.

Sun Systems Sun Systems EC02 Environmental Chamber, -100°C to +300°C

-100°C to +300°C, 20" x 12" x 16" LN2 Chamber with RS-232 and GPIB

Techne Calibration Techne Calibration DB1200M Dri-Block Calibrator

The Techne Calibration DB1200M Dri-Block Calibrator is designed to provide safe and convenient...

Tenney Tenney BTC-100-350 Temperature Test Chamber, -73°C to +200°C

The Tenney Benchmaster BTC test chamber provides a workspace of five cubic feet, readily...

Tenney Tenney T27-3 -18-93C Temperature Chamber, 38"x26"x48"

The Tenney T27-3 Temperature chamber is 27 cubic feet with internal dimensions of 38" Wide...

Tenney Tenney T30C Temperature Chamber -73°C to +200°C

The Tenney T30C Temperature Chamber -73°C to +200°C of temperature and humidity test...

Tenney Tenney T5 Temperature Test Chamber

-34°C to +177°C Temperature Test Chamber

Tenney Tenney T-Shock Junior Thermal Shock Chamber

The Tenney T-Shock Junior is a bench-top thermal shock chamber with a 1/4 cubic foot carriage...

Tenney Tenney TUJR -75 - 200°C, 15x 11x 11Temperature Chamber

The Tenney TUJR Temperature Test Chamber is part of Tenney's compact junior line of chambers...

TestEquity Test Equity 1020C Temperature Chamber

Temperature Chamber

TestEquity Test Equity 105A Half Cube Temperature Chamber

The Test Equity 105A Half Cube Temperature Chamber is small enough to fit on your bench with...

TestEquity TestEquity 1027S Temperature Chamber

TestEquity 1027S refrigeration systems are capable of achieving workspace temperatures down to...

Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific 718F Isotemp Oven

Isotemp Oven

Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific 725F Isotemp Premium Lab Oven, 2.5 cu. ft.

The Fisher Scientific 725F Isotemp Premium Lab Oven is a forced-air oven that delivers uniform...

Barnstead/Thermolyne Thermolyne OV47515 Series 9000 Mechanical Convection Oven

The Thermolyne OV47515 Series 9000 Mechanical Convection Oven

Thermotron Thermotron S1.2 Temperature Chamber, -100 °F to 350 °F

Temperature Chamber   Chamber Options: 1. Access Ports w/Plugs (additional or substituted...

Thermotron Thermotron S1.2C Temperature Test Chamber, -73°C to +177°C

The Thermotron S1.2C Temperature Test Chamber can be used for a wide variety of prototype and...

Thermotron Thermotron S-16 Temperature Test Chamber

Temperature Test Chamber

Thermotron Thermotron SE-1000-3-3 Environmental Test Chamber, 34.8 cu. ft.

The Thermotron SE-1000-3-3 Environmental Test Chamber incorporates two compressors of 3.5 Hp and...

Thermotron Thermotron SM-16S Environmental Test Chamber

The SM-16S has been designed to meet quality standards while still offering flexibility...

Thermotron Thermotron SM-8S Temperature Test Chamber

The Thermotron SM model chambers are designed to test temperature and/or humidity tolerances. The...

Tenney TPS Tenney Junior Compact Temperature Test Chamber

The TPS Tenney Junior Compact Temperature Test Chamber is a benchtop environmental testing...

VWR VWR 1410D Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven