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Environmental Simulation

Temperature & Humidity Chambers

Much like a temperature chamber, a temperature & humidity chamber is used to evaluate the environmental limits for almost every product in the alternative energy, telecommunications, defense, aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive, and electronics industries. This equipment artificially replicates the environmental conditions a product or specimen may be exposed to, so that you can monitor any changes. Temperature and humidity chambers are able to manipulate sudden and extreme temperature variations (thermal shock), altitude, moisture or relative humidity, electrodynamic vibrations, and weathering. They range in size from benchtop to large scale, to serve your individual needs, and many are computer programmable for streamlined testing and analysis. 

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals is A2LA / ISO 17025 certified and stocks calibrated temperature & humidity chambers capable of -73 to 277 C and 20-98% humidity. We carry temperature and humidity chambers from trusted manufacturers like Cincinnati Sub-Zero, Tenney, Espec, Thermotron, and more.

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