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Thickness Gauges

Ultrasonic thickness gauges are measuring instruments used to determine the thickness of a given material. This non-destructive investigation is carried out via ultrasonic waves that record and then calculate thickness based on the speed of sound through the tested sample.

This method of testing is now widely utilized across all industrial settings. The nature of this test – in that it only requires access to one side of the test sample – allows a variety of thickness measurements to occur. It's often applied to gauge the thickness of paint, ultrasonic coating, digital surfaces, plastics, glass, ceramics, metals and more. Ultrasonic thickness gauges are also used for routine maintenance. With this tool, an engineer can determine any corrosion or thinning of a pipe, preventing potential emergency situations.

ATEC offers an extensive selection of ultrasonic thickness gauges for rent, from top manufacturers like Olympus, Reed, CorDEX and more.

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