Conducted Emissions: Transient Limiters

Transient limiters protect EMI receivers and spectrum analyzers from transients, or random surges of energy. EMI receivers and similar electromagnetic susceptibility devices are routinely injected with bursts of energy as part of EMC testing, and as a result, may experience damage via intense feedback. A transient limiter is an accessory which limits the power traveling to the EMI receiver, safeguarding it against destructive levels of EMI. The limiter effectively creates a low pass filter which halts too high of voltage. EMC testing in industries like the military, aerospace, medical, automotive, semiconductor, and many other fields rely on transient limiters to protect their equipment. Contact an ATEC representative today for the right transient limiter for your next EMC test.
Electro-Metrics Electro-Metrics EM-7600 Transient Limiter

The EM-7600 Transient Limiter is used to prevent damage to the sensitive RF input circuitry of...

Keysight Keysight 11947A Transient Limiter 9 kHz - 200 MHz

In precompliance and standards testing such as MIL-STD-461 and EN 55011 where a spectrum analyzer...

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