AEMC 5600 Micro-Ohmmeter

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The AEMC 5600 Micro-Ohmmeter performs accurate, reliable low resistance measurements with test currents to 10A and resolution to 1mΩ. The front end of the AEMC 5600 employs a 4-wire Kelvin configuration, which eliminates test lead resistance providing a measurement accuracy of 0.25%. A reverse polarity switch compensates for the effect of DC voltage interference on the accuracy and permits reading averaging. A built-in circuit filters against AC signals.

The large, easy-to-read LCD is 0.71" (18 mm) high and directly displays resistance measurements in ohms with an automatic decimal point. The LCD also displays a "1" to indicate range overload, and "-" to show a reversed connection of the measurement leads. Power is supplied by a long-life NiCD battery with a built-in recharger (110/220V). The AEMC 5600 Micro-Ohmmeter features automatic shutoff after four minutes of non-use. Four LEDs on the front panel indicate measurement faults (open circuit, blown fuse, etc.), thermal protection, low battery and battery recharging.

For operator safety and instrument protection, the AEMC 5600 Micro-Ohmmeter is fuse protected at the inputs. Two fuses, accessible on the front panel, protect against stored energy in inductive loads. Enhanced internal circuitry gives protection against possible inductive kickback when the current is shut off. A built-in thermal switch prevents the micro-ohmmeter against overheating on the 10A range when in continuous use. The AEMC 5600 micro-ohmmeter is housed in a sealed, safety yellow field case with carrying handle and a lid that may be removed during testing if desired.