956 Porta Test II Automatic Leak Detector

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Varian 956 Porta Test II Automatic Leak Detector
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Agilent 956
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956 Datasheet
The Varian 956 Porta Test II Automatic Leak Detector is a state-of-the-art, totally automatic leak detector that is suitable for portable or fixed applications. In addition to its one button pumpdown and test sequencing, the 956 unit also has automatic calibration and zeroing procedures which eliminate routine operator intervention thus ensuring correct operation. A bidirectional RS-232 interface allows data logging of the test results and remote setting of machine parameters. The Varian 956 Porta Test II Automatic Leak Detector is based on the Contra-Flow™ vacuum system design and is fully protected from accidental air inrushes and power failures. An optional Fast Sniff Tester (FST) unit can be built into the Varian 956 Porta Test II Automatic Leak Detector. This allows testing of helium-pressurized vessels or components while leaving the main test port available for evacuation-type leak detection work. Unique software provides automatic zeroing and calibration while the 956 is being used in the Sniffer mode.
Agilent 956 Features
  • Fully automatic operation and spectrometer tuning
  • Turbo pumped Contra-Flow vacuum system
  • Unique alphanumeric display with optional remote display
  • Parallel I/O and RS-232 remote interfaces
  • One button testing, one button venting
  • System will automatically tune from or the built-in calibrated leak
  • Fully protected from the possibility of operator errors, air inrushes and power failures
  • Operator skill not required for spectrometer tuning, calibration and zeroing
  • Can test up to 500 mTorr (to 500 Torr with gross leak option)
  • Extra clean and quick starting
  • Clear, auto-ranging leak rate indication with selectable units
  • Multi-language machine status display
  • Supplied with an RS-232 (bi-directional) port capable of operating between 1200 and 9600 baud. Also provided is a parallel port, recorder output, and an audio output jack
  • Allows remote machine operation and data logging in a choice of formats
  • Totally contamination free testing
  • Amplifier drift is less than 2% of the full scale, peak-to-peak in accordance with AVS standard 2.1
  • Noise level is less than 2% of full scale peak-to-peak, in accordance with AVS standard 2.1
  • Leak indication: 50-segment LED bar graph (user-selectable log or linear format). Numeric value is also given in the alphanumeric display which displays from 10 to 10-10, with user-selectable units
  • Audio alarm is controlled via the front panel. Volume and threshold adjustable
  • High vacuum pump is a V70 maintenance-free turbo