Agilent VS Harsh Environment (HE) Probe

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The Agilent VS Harsh Environment (HE) Probe is a precise mass spectrometer designed to provide accurate helium leak detection results in harsh environments. Engineers and inspectors can directly insert the probe environments with corrosive, high moisture or high temperature conditions a standard probe would not be able to bear, eliminating the need for secondary indicators or components and enhancing measurement responsiveness. Agilent VS Harsh Environment (HE) Probes serve as accessories to standard Agilent VS Leak Detectors, producing reliable results in extreme conditions by pairing the analytical sophistication of the Agilent VS Leak Detector with the environmental endurance of the HE probe. Encased in corrosion-resistant stainless steel, HE probes require no dryers, chillers, throttling valves or secondary vacuum pumps to monitor systems under intense stressors.