Amplifier Research High Power, Broadband RF Amplifiers

Rent Amplifier Research / AR Solid State & Microwave RF AmplifiersSince 1970, Amplifier Research has provided top-of-the-line amplifiers for EMC, Communications, and other RF and Microwave industries. Their products range from complete test systems that perform the entire test with just a few buttons, to individual receivers, amplifiers, antennas, couplers, and more. Amplifier Research is trusted to provide high quality amplifiers and other EMC equipment with reliable, repeatable results.

Amplifier Research offers TWT (Traveling Wave Tube), RF (Radio Frequency), Solid State, and Microwave Amplifiers for a range of testing, including susceptibility, watt meter calibration, component and antenna, communications, plasma generation, particle accelerators, and more. Their Amplifiers and Antennas cover frequencies from DC to 50 GHz and power from 1 watt to 16,000 watts. AR also provides Isotropic “E” Field Probes and Generators for use in EMC and EMI applications. Equipment built by Amplifier Research can test to standards like MIL-STD-461F, DO-160G, and more.

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Amplifier Research High Power, Broadband RF Amplifiers Products
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