Rent Anritsu Test EquipmentAnritsu, a Japanese multinational company in the telecommunications electronics equipment market, manufacturers highly sought after products like Analyzers, Sweep/Signal Generators, PIM Testers, and more.  Founded in 1895, Anritsu has always been on the cutting edge of new technology in modern communications and information sharing. Over the years, Anritsu grow by way of merger (the Annaka Corporation and Kyoritsu Electric in Japan in 1931) and acquisition (bought Wiltron Company in 1990).

Anritsu offers several analyzers, including Vector Network Analyzers, Cable & Antenna Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, and more. The pioneers in VNA measurement, Vector Network Analyzers designed by Anritsu are used for measuring the characteristics of two-port systems, amplitude, and phase response with great accuracy. Spectrum Analyzers by Anritsu provide exceptional flexibility in the field environments for locating, identifying, recording, and resolving system issues quickly and accurately. PIM Testers, or Passive Intermodulation Testers, measure the overall linearity of the antenna system and its surrounding environment, effectively identifying any issues with RF transmissions.

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