Associated Research 2956A Meg-Chek Megohmmeter

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Associated Research 2956A Meg-Chek Megohmmeter
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Associated Research 2956A
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2956A Datasheet
0-5kVDC Megohmeter .2M-100kMohm .2M-10kM @ 500V
Associated Research 2956A Features
  • Four routine insulation resistance and dielectric absorption testing
  • Ideal for step-voltage insulation testing techniques
  • Portable - only 25 lbs.
Associated Research 2956A Specs
Input 115VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Amp
Test Voltage Continuously adjustable 0 to 5 kV DC. Scale calibrated in 500-volt steps
Megohm Ranges (At 500-volt increments): 0.2 to 10,000/ 0.4 to 20,000/ 0.6 to 30,000/ 0.8 to 40,000/ 1.0 to 50,000/ 1.2 to 60,000/ 1.4 to 70,000/ 1.6 to 80,000/ 1.8 to 90,000/ 2.0 to 100,000
Voltmeter Connected across output leads indicating true test voltage regardless of regulation and load
Megohmmeter Employs four range, non-drift electronic amplifier, eliminating scale recalibration prior to tests
Guard Terminal & Selective Guard Switch For bypassing unwanted leakage currents around the megohmmeter to read true insulation resistance of circuit under test
Controls Input power "On-Off" switch and pilot light, stepless test voltage adjustment, High voltage: "On-Off" switch and pilot light, megohmmeter range selector switch, guard terminal and ground selector switch