Bacharach Insight Plus Combustion Analyzer

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The Bacharach Insight Plus Combustion Analyzer is a powerful, easy-to-use combustion analyzer powered by the Tune-Rite on-demand HVAC “assistant” that measures O2, CO (w/NOx filter), stack/air temperature and draft/pressure. Bacharach Insight Plus Combustion Analyzers are perfect tools for busy residential/light-commercial technicians who need to ensure safe operating conditions and determine combustion efficiency. Powered by innovative Tune-Rite software (patent pending), the industry’s first-ever on-demand HVAC “assistant,” the Bacharach Insight Plus helps both new and seasoned technicians save money by making more thorough and efficient service calls.

The Insight Plus includes sensors for Oxygen (O2) and Carbon MoNOxide (CO), which includes a built-in NOx filter. The CO sensor can be replaced in the field without down time using B-Smart pre-calibrated sensors. O2 sensors carry a 2 or 3 year warranty depending on the sensor installed. O2 sensors are field replaceable and do not require calibration. The Insight Plus calculates values like efficiency, CO2 and CO air-free to help monitor combustion processes effectively and accurately.