Baker AT101E Bar-To-Bar Armature Testing

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The Baker AT101E High-Current Surge Test Adapter was designed to successfully test DC motors, form coils, and other low impedance windings.

The lower impedance of Series-Wound Armatures makes it difficult to surge test coil-to-coil. You need a higher surge test current to produce the necessary bar-to-bar voltage differences. To gain the required higher current, standard surge comparison testers use excessive voltage which may harm your windings.

When used with the AT101E, Baker surge test instruments expand your testing capability to include DC Motors, and other low-impedance coils. Our High-Current Surge Test Adapter uses an exclusively designed impedance transformer that allows our standard surge test instruments to be used for these specialized tests. The AT101E offers higher bar-to-bar test current at voltages from zero to 700 volts.