Beckman Coulter AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometry System

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The Beckman Coulter AQUIOS CL flow cytometry system streamlines operations by incorporating automated loading, sample preparation, reagent management, and barcode scanning as well as data analysis and bidirectional LIS connectivity in one compact platform. Modular flow cytometry systems might be effective for higher complexity applications but aren‘t the best option for efficiently managing a high volume of routine applications. With the Beckman Coulter AQUIOS CL, you can automate your most routine, repetitive tasks.

Total elapsed time from instrument startup to shutdown was analyzed for 10, 25, and 50 lymphocyte subset samples on the Beckman Coulter AQUIOS CL vs. the alternative method (FC500 with TQ-Prep). AQUIOS CL reduced the actual hands-on time by up to 92%.