Beckman Coulter ARTI/Met One HHPC-6 Mobile Particle Counter

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The Beckman Couler ARTI/Met One HHPC-6 is an effective mobile solution for particle monitoring in cleanrooms — using a single counter for regular measurements of the cleanliness at many locations and troubleshooting particle contamination problems in cleanrooms. The Beckman Coulter ARTI/Met One HHPC-6 may also serve as a reference counter for stationary particle monitoring systems, investigating alarm situations or for integrity testing of cleanroom walls, clean benches, and filter ceilings by scanning for leakage detection. The Beckman Coulter ARTI HHPC-6 displays 6 size channels from 0.3 to 5 µm. This mobile particle counter reports the particle concentration, temperature, and humidity — storing 500 sample records with date, time, and sample location.

The Beckman Coulter ARTI/Met One HHPC-6 is a former product of ARTI.