BVS Coyote Dual Modular Receiver

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Rent BVS Coyote Dual Modular Receiver
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Berkeley Varitronics Systems Coyote
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Manual Coyote Datasheet
The BVS Coyote Dual Modular Receiver is a high performance, modular receiver system providing two unique and independent RSSI measurements using precision dual receivers. Coyote™ is designed from the ground up to provide hot-swappable components including removable/rechargeable Li-Ion battery, Compact Flash® storage, removable 12-channel GPS receiver module and two removable receiver modules. Optional, GPS-based Forecaster™ mapping software makes Coyote™ the most comprehensive receiver system available to engineers today. If you work with iBwave's Collector & Propagation modules or EDX Wireless's SignalPro® platform for mapping and site survey analysis, you're also covered.
Berkeley Varitronics Systems Coyote Features
  • Multiple bands supported including Wi-MAX, Cellular, GSM, LMR, PCS, ISM, WCS, MMDS and more
  • Dual modular receivers allow users to swap various bands while in the field
  • High measurement rate, more than twice that of Dr. Lee's recommended 40 lambda
  • Removable 12-channel/12 satellite GPS modular receiver with active antenna
  • Removable rechargeable Li-Ion battery system found on standard PC laptops
  • Removable Compact Flash (64MB card included) memory system for data storage
  • Captured data output via USB and serial ports for connectivity to any PC
  • Supports iBwave's data Collection and Propagation Modules
  • Supports EDX Wireless's SignalPro® platform
  • Optional Dead Reckoning software for use with Blaupunkt's TravelPilot® DX-V and EX-V models
  • Optional GPS-based mapping Forecaster™ PC software