BVS Gator Class A Stimulus Transmitter

Rent BVS Gator Class A Stimulus Transmitter
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Berkeley Varitronics Systems Gator
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The BVS Gator Class A Stimulus Transmitter features Class A power amplification, rugged, weatherproof housing and built-in VSWR antenna protection. It’s light weight makes Gator™ a versatile transmitter suited for both field and laboratory work. Gator™ features an agile frequency synthesizer, dynamically controlled power amplifier and a built-in modem and DTMF (touch tone) decoding for remote control of all transmitter parameters via a phone line or cellphone. Remote adjustments include the power level, channel or frequency assignment, and transmit On/Off. Included Windows® PC controller software and user adjustable knobs allow for pinpoint accurate adjustments in 0.1 dB increments, frequency adjustments and step size. Gator™ may be powered by standard 110-240 VAC power from any outlet, generator or battery-powered DC source. Dual cooling fans provide excellent heat dissipation and ensure the purest RF signal output. GSM modulated schemes and custom frequencies available upon request.


  • Pure spectrum Class A power amplifier
  • Weighs under 23 pounds
  • Power amplifier with continuous adjustable power output ± 0.1dB over 32 dB range
  • Water resistant, rugged 18" x 15" x 6" ABS plastic case
  • Microprocessor-controlled with front panel soft-keys or remotely controlled with an internal modem for user programmable modulation schemes, power levels, channels, and frequencies.
  • 240 x 64 LCD with vacuum fluorescent back-lighting
  • Calibration/Usage integrated hours meter
  • VSWR antenna protection and internal forward and reverse measurement
  • Dual cooling fans with built-in thermal overheat protection for amplifier
  • Battery backed-up SRAM stores all user selectable parameters in the event of a power loss
  • Powered from 110-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, UL, CSA, CE and FCC approved
  • CW identifier for FCC CP identification
  • All parameters can be adjusted remotely via RS-232 or the internal modem or DTMF signaling tones


Display 240 X 64 pixel graphic supertwist LCD (VF backlit)
Stability less than 1.5 PPM for first year, + for 1 PPM for aging
Output Power Continuous adjustable power output + 1.0 dB over > 32 dB range (below 1 GHz)
Power Adjustments Continuously adjustable via rotary knob or direct keypad entry in 1 dBm increments over > 20 dB on models above 1 GHz
Spurious Output > 55 dBc (decibels below carrier level)
Harmonics Output > 55 dBc (decibels below carrier level)
Power 110-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, auto-switching, UL and CSA approved
10 and 20 watt models may also be powered from +12VDC
Remote Control Via serial RS-232, internal modem or DTMF through telco
Output Power Monitoring Forward and reverse power monitored via internal power meters. Output is regulated to < +1.0 dB of setting at up to a 6:1 VSWR