Binder Vacuum Drying Chambers VD & VDL Series

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The Binder Vacuum Drying Chambers VD & VDL Series consists of a collection of Bender's Vacuum drying chambers for flammable solvents. All of the chambers in this series have gentle drying, a large viewing window, and shatterproof glass panel. Depending on the model, certain features may vary. 
Each chamber in the VD Series has precise temperature control, an inert gas connection, and one patented expansion rack. These devices perform drying monitoring that is program-controlled and have a display for viewing pressure and temperature. With several options and applications, the VD Series is ideal for a number of testing requirements. 
The chambers in the VDL Series have efficient drying capabilities, ventilation for ambient air or inert gas, an explosion-protected interior, and two expansion racks. The VDL models also have pressure control for heating activated from <100 mbar. There is ATEX conformity in specific units. 
To learn more about ATEC's VD and VDL rentals reach out to one of our rental agents.