Bird 5011 Terminating Power Sensor

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Bird Technologies 5011
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5011 Datasheet
The Bird 5011 Terminating Power Sensor is designed to make precision Power Measurements with the full flexibility of a portable instrument. The Model 5011, when used along with the Bird Model 5000-EX Digital Power Meter or the Bird Site Analyzer™ Series provides customers a TOTAL RF POWER MEASUREMENT SOLUTION to measure Base Station Power and/or Broadcast Transmitter Power with Accuracy of +/-5% of readings.
Bird Technologies 5011 Features
  • Ease of use and portability make the 5011 (in conjunction with the 5000-EX) ideal for field use
  • Fast warm up time makes the 5011 a critical tool in trouble shooting a down system
  • Due to state of the art design, the 5011 can make accurate power measurements (+/- 5%) without requiring constant recalibration and at a reduced cost
  • Detector provide true average power, regardless of the form of modulation
  • The board power and frequency range make the unit compatible with a variety of applications.
  • Frequency from 40 MHz to 4 GHz (up to 12 GHz with EF version)
  • Power from 10 uW to 10 mW (up to 50 W with calibrated attenuators)