Chroma 2160 Video Pattern Generator

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The Chroma 2160 Video Pattern Generator product has been replaced by a new product.

Designed with powerful microprocessor and precision phase lock loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer circuit these video pattern generators drive any monitor with pixel rate up to 160 MHz.

The instrument is designed to generate video graphic patterns and timing formats, which have been programmed into a memory card from PC or any 2250 series video pattern generators.

The operation can also be programmed and controlled from the PC through RS-232C interface.

Standard test patterns, such as SMPTE, high-voltage regulation, X-hatch, color delay, interface check, dynamic demo pattern, etc, are built into a pattern library. These patterns are easily called and displayed on the monitor screen for test or demo purpose.

Features include: video pixel rate up to 160 MHz; large graphic display size up to 2048 x 2048; factory installed standard pattern & timing library; simple one-key program operation; individual control of R, G, B and reverse pattern; remote program & control from PC; and portable size.