Clarke-Hess 6000A Phase Meter

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The Clarke-Hess 6000A Phase Meter is a current and voltage phase measurement device with a frequency response of 5Hz to 1MHz, an amplitude range from 10mV to 630VRMS and an input power of 20VA. Clarke-Hess 6000A models automatically select the proper range for both phase and amplitude while retaining wave shape independence. Technicians need only to connect the input cables and the phase meter to obtain a reliable and informative reading. Voltage over and under range is indicated whenever either of the input signals is too large or two small. On the front panel, an offset toggle gives users the ability to make differential phase measurements without any need to subtract large numbers. Clarke-Hess 6000A models are galvanically isolated from ground and from channel to channel. The high-resolution TFT color display is complimented by an accessible IEEE-488.2 digital interface via which users can read the display, alter phase range and check for input signal overrange or underrange. Phase ranges include the 0⁰ to 360⁰ range and the ±180⁰ range.