Doble TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Test

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Doble TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Test
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Doble TDR9000
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TDR9000 Datasheet Specifications Brochure

The TDR9000 is a state-of-the art Circuit Breaker Test System engineered to test all types of circuit breakers. The modular construction of the TDR9000 allows testing of simple circuit breakers, to very complex circuit breakers, using a single, field-portable and rugged instrument. The modular design allows users to acquire a Circuit Breaker Test System matched to today's specific testing applications and permits easy upgrades in the field to expand the capabilities to test different or more complex apparatus. The modular design results in complete usage of its capital investment and simultaneously provides an upgrade path to test future circuit breaker designs.

The TDR9000 provides testing of up to eight breaks per phase, for a total of 24 main contacts simultaneously. The EHV The EHV Contact Timing Module measures the opening and closing times of both the main contacts and the insertion resistor contacts with 100 μs second resolution. During a separate test, it measures the capacitance of grading capacitors. This substantially reduces the required number of channels required for circuit breaker testing. The high speed data acquisition circuitry, coupled with interference suppression specifically designed for electromagnetic interference substation environments, provide accurate test results and records contact bounce time as low as 60 μs.

The TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Test System provides efficient, accurate measurements of circuit breaker dynamic timing and motion.
Doble TDR9000 Features
  • Immune to Interference
  • Modular Design
  • High Accuracy Motion Recording
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • User-friendly PC interface
  • Comprehensive Testing
Doble TDR9000 Specs
OCB Module

The OCB module measures the timing of main contact and resistor switches during closing or opening of an OCB Circuit Breaker. This module also measures the value of pre-insertion resistors, if the resistance value option is present.

Close And Open Timing Resolution Minimum: 100 μs
Contact Bounce Measurement Programmable 4-100ms: 60 μs Default
Resistor Value Range 10-400 Ohms or 300 - 7000 Ohms
Resistor Value Measurement Accuracy ± 10 % of measured value
Resistor Tabulation Qualifier 100 μs - 200 μs
Motion Module

The Motion module records the motion of the Circuit Breaker mechanism through a Doble Digital Rotary or Linear Transducer. The input connection for the digital transducer to TDR9000 is through a 25-pin "D" connector.

Number Of Motion Recording Channels: optionally 3 or 6
EHV Module

The EHV module measures timing of main contacts and resistor switches during closing or opening of an EHV Circuit Breaker. It measures two breaks per phase for threephases of the breaker. This module also measures the value of Pre-Insertion Resistors if the resistance value option is present.

Number of Breaks Per Phase: 2
Number of Phases: 3
Close and Open Timing Resolution: 100 μS
Close and Open Timing Accuracy ± 100 μS
Minimum Contact Bounce Measurement: 4-100 ms 60 μ Default
Insertion Resistor Value Range 10-300 Ohms or 200 - 500 Ohms
Capacitor Value Range 75 to 10,000 pF
Capicitor Value Measurement Accuracy ± 5%
Event Module

The Event Module measures the timing of auxiliary contacts and analog signal. Analog channels can record voltage or current. Auxiliary channels can record wet or dry contacts.

Number of Analog Channels: 3
Voltage Measurement Range: ± 300 V ac/dc
Isolation Voltage to Ground 300 V
Analog Signal Bandwidth: DC to 5 kHz
Accuracy ± 1 % of full scale (for 300 V ± 1 % of full scale (for 300 V
Number of Auxiliary Contact Channels: 3
Sense Mode: Voltage Sense/Contact Sense
Voltage Sense Mode Input: 0 - 300 V dc
Trigger-In Function
Sense Mode: Voltage Sense/Contact Sense
Contact Sense Mode Test Voltage: 27 V
Voltage Sense Mode Input: 0-600 Vdc
Trigger-Out Function Software controlled solid-state switch for external synchronization and control
Active Normally open
Input Voltage 300V peak max
Input Current 0.67A peak