Dranetz 646 Power Line Disturbance Analyzer

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The Dranetz 646 has been replaced by newer models.

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If you are responsible for pre-installation site surveys, the maintenance of computers and their peripherals, power surveys, or troubleshooting sensitive industrial or commercial equipment, the Dranetz Series 646 Power Line Disturbance Monitor was designed with you in mind.

Available in both single-phase and three-phase versions, the 646 can continuously monitor and record power line sags and swells, under and over-voltages, impulses, and frequency variations on both phase-to-neutral and neutral-to-ground. A separate DC channel is also provided for easy correlation of DC power supply disturbances with AC power line disturbances.

Standard features include user-friendly, menu-driven operating controls with alphanumeric display for prompting, environmentally protected membrane keypad, real time clock, nonvolatile data and setup memory, built-in thermal printer, and RS232C interface. A temperature probe is available as an accessory.

Available Models:

Dranetz 646-1: Monitor and record impulses, sags, surges,undervoltages, over-voltages and frequency variationson a single channel of AC voltage, neutral to ground voltage channel, and a single channel of DC voltage.

Dranetz 646-3: Monitor and record impulses, sags, surges,under-voltages, over-voltages and frequency variations on a single channel or 3 channels of AC voltage(total of 4 AC channels available), neutral to ground voltage channel, plus a single channel of DC voltage.