Dranetz 658 Power Quality Analyzer

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The Dranetz 658 has been replaced by newer models.

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The Dranetz 658 captures, records, stores, analyzes, and displays power line disturbances affecting reliable operation of sensitive electronic, computer-based equipment. With its options installed, you can also capture, record, store, analyze, and display environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity changes, conducted radio frequency interference, and radiated radio frequency interference.
Dranetz 658 Options:
  • 656-PA-1001 8-Channel Transducer
  • 656-XD-1001 Temperature & Humidity Monitor (requires 656-PA-1001)
  • 656-XD-1002 Conducted RF Monitor (requires 656-PA-1001)
  • 656-XD-1003 Radiated RF Monitor (requires 656-PA-1001)
  • 658-2400M Internal Model
  • TR2019B Current Probe, 1 to 300 A, 2" max conductor