Dranetz 808 Power & Demand Monitor

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The Dranetz 808 has been replaced by newer models.

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The Dranetz Series 808-101 Electric Power/Demand Analyzer will keep working for you through all phases of your energy management program.

During the initial energy survey, the Series 808 enables a thorough analysis of your energy consumption. Complete printouts of energy, demand and power factor for interval times used by your electric utility will provide you with reliable usage schedules. These measurements can be made directly at the main power entry or at submetering locations.

For analysis of power guzzlers, the Series 808 is the perfect instrument for an in-depth look at the equipment and systems which utilize significant power in your facility. Considerable cost savings are possible by identifying equipment which is inefficient in either design or use.

For after installation monitoring, the Series 808 will continue to serve you reliably by providing all necessary data in the simplest format. As a permanent monitor, the Series 808 enables you to not only verify the effectiveness of your energy management program, but also to alert responsible personnel to any subsequent power wastage.