Dranetz DBPVFlex PowerVisa Power Quality Logger 3 Phase, 3000 A

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The Dranetz DBPVFlex PowerVisa Power Quality Logger 3 Phase, 3000 Amps comes equipped with 8 independent channels and is the only advanced power monitoring instrument to incorporate a color touch screen into its lightweight design. Automated setups provide instant detection of circuits and configurations, ensuring that the instrument is ready to successfully collect data. Users can select the length and mode of data collection, including troubleshooting, data logging, power quality surveys, energy and load balancing.

The Dranetz DBPVFLex's unique annunciator “report card” provides instant power quality feedback or notifications in the field, as well as feedback on the instrument settings. A wide range of power monitoring data is collected, analyzed and presented in color coded categories to quickly identify areas of concern, which are identified in red. Drill down for more detailed information by simply touching the intuitive graphical screen to troubleshoot problems, locate the source and pinpoint the root cause of power quality disturbances.

The Dranetz DBPVFlex PowerWise Power Quality Logger features a user friendly 1/4 VGA touchscreen with colorful icons for major instrument functions, such as viewing data in real time, reports, timelines and instrument configurations. With the touch of your finger or a stylus you can view data and zoom-in on captured disturbances for more detail and automated event characterization. The PowerVisa automatically detects the circuit type, voltage and current being monitored and also has monitoring modes that are pre-programmed for major applications to make custom programming simple.
Kit Includes:
  • PowerVisa
  • Dran-View Enterprise
  • 4GB CF Data Card
  • AC Power Supply
  • Voltage Cable Set
  • SCC-4300 Soft Carry Case
  • US Line Cord
  • 1 x Dranetz DRANFLEX3003XL24: 30A/300A/3000A 24" 3 Phase AC Flex Probe