Dranetz PP4300 Power Quality, Energy & Harmonics Analyzer

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The Dranetz Power Platform® Model 4300 is a portable, hand-held, TASKCard® based, eight-channel power quality meter/monitor. The 4300 can monitor, record and display data on four voltage channels and four current channels simultaneously. Data can be recorded and transferred to a personal or laptop computer using the Isolated Communications Module (P/N PP4300 RS232) and the DRAN-LINK™ 4300 utility software. The DRAN-LINK™ 4300 can download data from the unit's internal memory or from an optional memory card. With TASKCard® PQLite V4.0 or higher, the 4300 can handle multi-lingual display of text and help screens. The help files are programmed for context sensitivity, displaying the appropriate help topics on specific errors commited. Context sensitive help is available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages.



A TASKCard is a removable program card that is inserted in the 4300. It contains an operating system designed for a specific application (task).

PQLite with harmonics & transient capture: This TASKCard is designated with a /H/T and changes the 4300 to a full featured power quality monitor so that it can record sags, swells, outages, demand, energy, harmonics, and voltage and current transients as short as one microsecond.

Memory card functions: Versions of the TASKCard are available with memory card functions, which allow you to save data to an optional memory card manually, automatically, or both.