Eagle Eye IBEX-Pro Portable Resistance Battery Tester

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Eagle Eye's IBEX-Pro battery testing kit is an affordable portable testing solution that offers battery management software and numerous accessories to offer a complete battery testing package. The IBEX-Pro accurately and quickly tests a battery's remaining service life while the system is online. Test Internal ohmic Resistance (mΩ) or Conductance (Siemens), Connection Resistance, Jar Voltage (V), and Temperature in just 3 seconds. The IBEX-Pro is used in a wide-range of industries to ensure reliability of backup power systems, including utilities, telecoms, UPS and many more.

The IBEX-Pro Battery Testing Kit includes Exmons Pro comprehensive diagnostic software. Exmons Pro software allows for data management, trending analysis, viewing graphs, creating reports and exporting to Microsoft Excel. Exmons allows the user to easily identify problematic cells and ensure the integrity of your backup battery systems. Exmons is easy-to-use and offers customization to meet any company's report generating needs.

The IBEX is the smallest, fastest, most precise and easiest to operate battery tester in the market and it comes with the most comprehensive battery management software available for trending batteries, creating reports, exporting to Excel and more. The handheld design is the smallest in size and weight in the industry, with the fastest measurement speed. Easy-to-use menu options and a backlit LCD screen offer complete user-friendly functionality. Save up to 600 measurement results and four alarm settings with the IBEX-Pro.

Eagle Eye IBEX-Pro Battery Testing Kit includes:
  • IBEX-Pro Body
  • Li-Ion Battery Inside Body
  • Soft Poly-Vinyl Bag
  • Shunt (50mV/50A, 1mΩ, 1.0 Class)
  • Spare 4-Pin Test Lead Tips
  • Spare Li-ion Battery
  • IR Printing Capability
  • IR Thermal Printer
  • Paper Rolls for IR Printer
  • 220V AC Standard Charger for IR Printer
  • 4-Pin Test Leads
  • Clip Type Probe
  • Temperature Probe
  • USB Cable to upload to a PC
  • Serial Comm Excel Software
  • Exmons Pro 2005 Diagnosis Software
  • Standard Charger (100 to 240 VAC)
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  • IBEX-Pro User Manual