Electro-Tech 216 Charge Plate Analyzer Kit

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Rent Electro-Tech 216 Charge Plate Analyzer Kit
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Electro-Tech Systems 216
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The Electro-Tech 216 Charge Plate Analyzer Kit is a complete kit containing all items necessary to perform ionizer balance and decay testing. Other applications include triboelectric charging analysis, static dissipation of material per SAE J1645 plus many different types of electrostatic measurements. The Model 216 consists of the Model 204 Charge Plate Analyzer with a 20pf (1" x 3") charged plate detector, plug-in 6" x 6" detector plate, tripod, utility wiring verifier with ground jack plus a Humidity/Temp/ Dew Point Indicator.
Electro-Tech Systems 216 Features
  • Measures ionizer balance and decay
  • Low-cost, portable
  • Meets ESD STM3.1 & SAE J1645
  • 1-Volt resolution
  • ±1200 volt charging source
  • Internal 60 second timer
  • 0.3 Second resolution
  • Recorder output
  • Fully functional static meter
Electro-Tech Systems 216 Specs
Power Requirements 9 volt battery
Plate Capacitance 20 Picofarads +/- 3 pf>
Meter Range 0 to ± 20kV
Output 2.5mm mono jack, 10mV / kV
Accuracy +/- 10%
Electro-Tech Systems 216 Standards
Meets ESD STM3.1 & SAE J1645