EMC Partner TEMA3000 Software Test Suite

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The EMC Partner TEMA3000 Software Test Suite is the latest generation of software for use with the EMC Partner Operating System (EPOS). EMC Partner TEMA3000 software interfaces to generators through an Ethernet port, reducing the need for specialized and expensive hardware interfaces. The EMC Partner TEMA3000's forward looking software suite is designed to run on operating systems from Windows 7 and upwards. A graphic user interface with icons simplifies operation. Parameter entry through Remote EMC PARTNER Operating System (REPOS) interface reduces learning time for users familiar with the generator hardware.

TEMA3000 base version includes generator remote control interface and single test capability, save and recall of files and a comprehensive help file. Test routines can be prepared in TEMA3000 and then uploaded into the generator in the test lab. Programming with the REPOS interface is exactly the same as sitting in front of a generator. Report generation in TEMA3000 base version is through the web server in the generator or the generator USB port.