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The EMSCAN EHX+ EMC Scanner is an EMC and EMI diagnostic test instrument that operates over a frequency range of 150 kHz to 8 GHz and features a built-in spectrum analyzer with a 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth and 75 GSPS scan rate. EHX+ scanning devices possess industry-leading functionality in operating over an instantaneous bandwidth, device sensitivity, tuning range, real-time caching and capture control. 

Emissions can be viewed in real time and potential EMC and EMI faults can be visualized, rendering the EMSCAN EHX+ an ideal tool for finding, characterizing and addressing unintended radiators and/or RF leakage during a new PCB development process. Testing time is reduced by over two orders of magnitude, and with the EMSCAN EHX+, users have reported up to 50% reduction in design cycle times.