ESI / Tegam DT72A Decade Ratio Transformer Standard

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The ESI / Tegam DT72A Decade Ratio Transformer Standard is an inductive voltage divider that meets or exceeds all of the requirements for a calibration standard in precision measurement applications. It is easy to integrate into systems for calibration of voltage dividers, transformer standards, synchro/resolver standards, transformers, calibrators, ammeters, and voltmeters. It can also be used to make impedance or capacitance comparisons. The ratio accuracy is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This variable AC voltage divider demonstrates extreme precision for measuring and generating voltage ratios. Seven decades of tapped transformer windings are selected using special low resistance switches providing 0.1 ppm resolution and 0.9 ppm terminal linearity. The key to these standards is extremely stable toroidal transformers, resulting in precision and outstanding long-term stability over a wide range of environmental conditions.