Fluke DTX-NSM Network Service Module

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Fluke Networks DTX-NSM
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DTX-NSM Datasheet
The industry's leading tool for certifying twisted-pair cabling and fiber can also verify the delivery of network services over copper. The Fluke DTX-NSM Network Service Module is is an add-on to the DTX Cable Analyzer that quickly tells a technician if IP-level services and/or Power over Ethernet are available. By coupling service testing with cable certification, the DTX delivers important information that proves an installation conforms to standards and best practices. In addition, LinkWare Cable Management software documents test results and displays them in professional, easy-to-read reports.
Fluke Networks DTX-NSM Features
  • Verify network service availability – determines whether a telecom outlet is active, identifies its data rates up to 1Gbps, and whether power is available for PoE.
  • Check link utilization and error conditions – measures the utilization of the link under-test as a percentage of available bandwidth; identifies broadcast traffic and the presence of network errors.
  • Port identification – blinks switch/hub port light; verifies if the link is connected to the proper port or determines where a work area outlet is connected.
  • Verify link connectivity to the network up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet – uses the DHCP server to get an IP address, Pings the default router and DNS Server at 10Mbps, 100Mbps or 1Gbps. Or you can assign IP addresses manually to ping network devices.
  • Verify PoE – verifies availability and voltage levels for links connected to power sourcing equipment to supply powered devices for Power over Ethernet applications such as VoIP and Wireless Access Points.
  • Documents both cabling link certification and network availability and link connectivity test results in a consolidated report using LinkWare.
  • Troubleshoot link – determines whether performance problems are cabling or network-related.