Fujikura FSM-50S Fusion Splicer System

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Fujikura FSM-50S Fusion Splicer System
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Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM-50S

The Fujikura FSM-50S has been replaced by the Fujikura FSM-70S.

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The Fujikura FSM-50S Fusion Splicer sets the standard for core alignment fusion splicers. The FSM-50S is the fastest field splicer available, and can complete a splice and tube heat in a total of 44 seconds. Important features include the smallest size and weight in the industryand the legendary ruggedness Fujikura provides.

The FSM-50S also includes user friendly features such as calibration-free arc adjustments (with AUTO splice mode), automatic fiber type identification and reduced operational steps. The Fujikura FSM-50S also offers increased flexibility for various splicing tasks with user-selectable front and back monitor positioning.
Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM-50S Features
  • Automatic core to core, low-loss splicing regardless of fiber quality or age
  • 9 second splicing time
  • 35 second heat time (60mm sleeve)
  • Wind protector design withstands 30 mph cross wind
  • User selectable monitor position
  • Excellent visibility in bright sunlight with5.6 TFT Color LCD display
  • Multiple pre-programmed modes for specialized splicing
  • Optional data download system to connect splicer to PC (USB port)
  • Automated arc calibration during AUTO mode splicing
Fujikura (AFL Telecommunications) FSM-50S Specs
Parameter Value
Fiber Splicing Capability SM, MM, NZ-DS, DS, attenuation and specialty splicing
Splice Loss

0.02dB with SM fiber, 0.01dB with MM, and 0.04dB with NZ-DS fiber,
0.04dB with DS fiber (all results typical)

Return Loss >60dB
Cleaved Fiber End Angle Alarm Programmable up to 5°
Fusion Splices/Battery Charge

BTR-06S: 80 splices (including splice protection sleeve tube heater cycle)
BTR-06L: 160 splices (including splice protection sleeve tube heater cycle)

Viewing Method

Dual CCD cameras with high resolution 5.6 LCD monitor with 295X and147X magnification, external RCA jack for NTSC video signal

Splice Sleeve Compatibility 40mm, 60mm sleeves, micro sleeves
Atmospheric Compensation

Fully automatic up to 5000 meters (16,400 feet) with automatic temperature compensation

Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Attenuation Capability Programmable from 1dB up to 15dB
Splice Data Storage 2000 splice data records
Splice Modes Up to 60 pre-programmed, 40 user programmable (100 total)

Splice Protection Sleeve Heater Modes

Up to 20 pre-programmed, 10 user programmable (30 (total)