Genrad 1657 RLC Digibridge, 1 kHz & 120 Hz

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The GenRad 1657 RLC Digibridge is a full performance microprocessor-based instrument that measures passive components and devices. The GenRad 1657 RLC Digibridge is the lowest-cost member of the GenRad Digibridge family, offering a combination of accuracy, flexibility, and ease-of-use unequaled by any other low-cost impedance measurement instrument.

The GenRad 1657 is an excellent choice for engineering labs or small incoming inspection departments. The Digibridge provides many features usually found only in high-priced models.
  • 0.2% accuracy for R, L, and C measurements
  • 1 kHz and 120 Hz (or 100 Hz) test frequencies
  • Dual displays
  • Built-in Kelvin test fixture
  • Series and parallel measurement selection
  • Wide measurement ranges